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When Discord taught Prince Illusion how to enchant comics, he didn't see any harm in it. When Prince Illusion decided to prank his friends using his new spell, he didn't expect to hurt anything more than Prism Bolt's pride.

But chaos magic is unpredictable, and now the Next Generation is in peril. They are trapped in another world, and the only way out is through the worst villains the Power Pony's rouges gallery has to offer. They will face tests of their strength, tests of their skill, and tests of their smarts, as they try to their way out of Maretropolis. But they will also face a test of their friendship, and their opponent is playing for keeps...

For the purposes of this story, the events of My Little Pony Annual 2014 will not be considered canon.
The Next Generation is the property of excellent artist Kilala97.
In the Official Next Generation Timeline, this story takes place after Whirlwind develops and gets over her crush on Amber Lily but before Pixel Bit's sibling is born.

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