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On the eve of the rest of their lives, Sweetie Belle has a chat with Scootaloo about life and wings.

Special thanks to Astrarian for editing.

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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy vs. Shower

Cleaning has never been a problem for Fluttershy.
Until she saw how humans do it.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip and Blueshift for editing.

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Seeking her destiny, Flurry Heart has set off on a voyage through space... yet memories are not so easily left behind.

Written for the Imposing Sovereigns contest.

Special thanks to KingMoriarty, Fahrenheit, and Wing for editing.

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This story is a sequel to Equestrian Fanfiction

Two months after the launch of the Midnight Castle fan fiction site, Lyra and her fellow Nightlings have organized a meet-up in Canterlot. The agenda is simple: have fun, discuss their favorite human fiction series, and see the faces behind the usernames.

Special thanks to RK_Striker_JK_5 for editing.

This story is linked to the daily Equestrian Fanfiction (and contains reveals as to the participants' identities).

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Using a human shower is intuitive.
For a human.
Fluttershy is not a human.

Written for a close friend.

Special thanks to Door Belle for editing.

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Being a unicorn interpreter isn't easy. The hours are crazy, the pressure is nerve-racking, you have no idea what job you'll be called for... and you have to be a virgin, or you'll never be able to understand them.

Special thanks to Octavia Harmony, FloydienSlip, and Zyrian for editing.

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Falling in love with the mythological book series Midnight Castle, Lyra Heartstrings has created her very own fan fiction site, a home to all that enjoy reading and writing human fiction.

This is the life and times of that site.

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There is a pony who never sleeps. She works, never ceasing, and is more generous with her help than the sun with its light.

In all of Equestria, there is only one pony who has rejected me so.

Her name is Rarity, and I love her.

Special thanks to fourths and Fahrenheit for editing.

Huge thanks to Aragon for prereading and advice.

Written for the WriteOff competition (prompt: The Darkest Hour)

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Exiled to the Crystal Empire for excessive dating, Flash Sentry—the greatest, most hated waifu-stealer in Equestria—has decided to share the secret of his art with his childhood friend Prince Blueblood.

Hide your mares, hide your waifus, because from now on none of them are safe anymore!

Warning! Contains suggestive language and descriptions of a sexual nature.

Special thanks to Vylon for and Enigmatic Otaku editing.

Cover art created by Alkarasu.

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It's been years since the boundaries between Earth and Equestria faded away. Equines and other creatures are now a fact of life. Major universities have started student transfer initiatives, allowing species of both words to visit the other.

Me? I'm in college studying for my transfer application, and my roommate is a dragon named Spike.

Special thanks to Malefactory and FloydienSlip for editing.

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