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A group of girls awaken in Twilight's castle. Even more surprising, it seems these girls are heroines in their world and have come to this world to protect them and they seem to have a love for sweets. We'll have to see what happens. Kirakira Pretty Cure A La Mode/MLP

Hope you like it. This is a contest entry.

Chapters (1)

After everything she'd done Anon-a-miss was enough to destroy what she'd worked for. Sunset decides that she's had enough and tries to end it but when someone offers her the chance to do something great she figures she's got nothing to lose and leaves. She returns at the end of the Friendship games and revealed her choice.

Chapters (13)

Twilight tests a spell in a journal that once belonged to Starswirl and disappears. Upon returning she changed in more ways than her friends can imagine. Now Twilight must protect everyone with the knowledge and power she gained while away.

Chapters (3)

Fluttershy meets a boy when she's just a child. This meeting was never supposed to happen but in doing so Fluttershy's life changes. (Equestria Girls Universe before the movies so there will be an Alternate Equestria Girls)

Chapters (2)

When Fluttershy finds a strange creature in the Everfree she can tell he's in a pain and decides to watch over him. At the same time dangerous creatures start attacking Ponyville. Are the two events linked?

Chapters (3)

On a day like any other some young ponies appear, a new threat makes itself known, and the Mane 6 learn about something horrifying which happened some time before Luna became Nightmare Moon. The Mane 6 must now fight an enemy whom not even Luna remembers.

Chapters (3)
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