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Original username Zoddtheimmortalone. I'm a fan of anime, but I enjoy the classics more. As for My Little Pony, I may not watch it as much, but I do like the show and I also love EG

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I’m sorry for the lack of writting · 11:33pm February 24th

I’ve been busy with college and I talk a lot with my gf that time passes by so quickly.

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Only latest stories. Too much to label, but I’ll put them in future stories

Since the tags change, are you willing to put the Porn tag on most of your fic or only on new ones?

I apologize if I already asked:
Do you take requests?

huh... good for you then.
I myself kinda want to change my name, but then again....

Well, the current name is more of a title than a name so i don't know

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