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Im alive, I think. Sorry for the scilence. · 1:12am Oct 6th, 2018

Hey there everyone. I guess the first thing I should say is I'm sorry for not giving any feedback in years. Second is that I haven't put out any content when I said I wanted to. To be honest I still do, but my sloth has really put a dampener on that. Ive realized that in order to change that, not just for my productivity, but for my future I have to do something to get me doing anything. And so, comes the main reason why Ive made this blog post. I'm not leaving the fandom, and I'm not getting

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Thank you for adding At Your Service to your favorites! I'm glad that you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoriting Twenty to Six, deuces.

Thanks for the favourites

Thanks for the favorite!

Thanks for favoriting Spike's partial death! May I ask what you liked about it?

Thanks for faving The Guardian :yay:

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story. Thank you for adding it to your Favorites.

Thanks for the fave! I really appreciate it my friend!

Thanks for adding Going Home to your library. By all means comment at your leisure, I value any and all comments. I also try to reply to as many as I can. I look forward to seeing what you produce after your return. I will keep an eye upon the new stories. Mayhap I will comment on something you've done too. :raritywink:

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