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Reiuji Laevateinn

I update stories slower than snails can evolve legs. Trying to break out of a writer’s block, so keep expectations low

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Warriors of Chaos: Final Battle of Canterlot Rewrite · 3:07am July 16th

So, I went and reread the big battles from Chapter 27. I was quite honestly disgusted with how poorly I handled what is essentially the ending of the entire story. I mean, seriously? Big climactic showdown, and I pull some anticlimactic BS outta nowhere? I am disgusted with my past self.

So, I’ve got a rewrite of Chapter 27 ready, and have begun working on chapter 28. (Might even get a 29.)

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Her name is Laevateinn (or Amane) and she’s from the now defunct mobile game “Phantom of The Kill”.

Who is the woman in your avatar, and where is she from?

Please do not promote stories in my comment section. I shall delete it. Just because I’m about as active as a potato doesn’t mean you can tell people to go read other people’s Stuff here. Have a nice day.

Comment posted by Aramisxx deleted Jul 9th, 2018
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