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I update stories slower than snails can evolve legs. Trying to break out of a writer’s block, so keep expectations low

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Rewrites: how much? · 4:03pm February 1st

Aight, so I realized a long time ago that I really did a terrible job when writing the Warriors of Chaos. Like, really bad. So.... I’m considering rewriting a few chapters. I’ve also been rewriting the Black Crusade, so that might just be put in a separate story so people don’t have to search through everything.

But should I rewrite anything else? I’m not exactly certain I should rewrite the whole thing, but I might over time.

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Her name is Laevateinn (or Amane) and she’s from the now defunct mobile game “Phantom of The Kill”.

Who is the woman in your avatar, and where is she from?

Please do not promote stories in my comment section. I shall delete it. Just because I’m about as active as a potato doesn’t mean you can tell people to go read other people’s Stuff here. Have a nice day.

Comment posted by Aramis deleted Jul 9th, 2018
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