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Twilight Sparkle receives an invitation to a night of high stakes poker at the mysterious The Inventory. Obviously, she is both curious and slightly mistrusting, so what does she do?

She goes All-In.

Let's place our bets.

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Celestia had truly believed she was right in her decision. Too bad belief in being right did not actually make you right.

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Aristotle once said, "What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

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Down on her luck and trying to recover from multiple failed business start-ups and steep debts, Star Blight is desperate to get out of the hole her ambition has trapped her in. Hearing the legend of the Wishing Ruby, she decides to take a gamble, and makes a journey to the infamous Everfree Forest.

She should have known her luck would hold true. But maybe... just maybe... nearly dying that day was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.

Rated T just to be safe.

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Five hundred years ago, Celestia passed on leadership to a council of ponies, trusting them to lead them in her stead. Then she vanished.

Today, the world is vastly different than what it could have been. Magic is a dying art, technology is at an all time high, and Canterlot is full of crime.

Good thing Twilight Sparkle's on the case.

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My name is Octavia Philharmonica, and music is my life. This is my story, about who I am, my passion, and how I learned to use the magic born from music.

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Time Travel - The act of traversing time in a direction other than "Forward". It is widely considered impossible. But that won't stop this pony from unlocking its secrets.

These are the tales of Small Changes, and how they can have large impacts.

Note: Tags are subject to change.

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A rainbow maned Pegasus visits the grave of an old friend, and chats with another under the rain.

Edited by Cyberfire22, even though he didn't have to. Thanks man.

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When Twilight loses control of her magic, she finds herself in the realm of the the eternally damned, Tartarus. In order to survive she is forced to learn and change. However, when Twilight finally escaped from Tartarus, how will Equestria deal with a Twilight who has been forged in hellfire?

Author's Note: I want to point out that the Dark and Gore tags are not all consuming. They are there only by necessity. There are going to be some dark material in here, but nothing grim.

On the same note, Twilight is the only anthro in the story, and there is an in-story reason for it, so don't let that big nasty Anthro tag scare you.

Finally, I have decided that this story is being shelved for the time being. I have no intention of abandoning it, but I am already juggling several stories, a part-time job that's milking me for all it's worth, and some pretty stressful home problems. I want to at least finish the Hero Souls Trilogy before I continue this in earnest.

The World of Tartarus Forged.

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What do you do when given the choice between your existence, and the lives of your friends? What would you give up? Your happiness? Your life?

Your soul?

Twilight Sparkle embraces oblivion for her friends, and awakens the Soul of Hope.

Formerly known as The Harmony League.Hero Souls: Awakening FAQ

1. I enjoy writing fight scenes, so this story will be more violent than most MLP stories you'll find... I think. It won't be grimdark violence, but still.

2. This is an Alternate Universe story. The content within this story may or may not match up to canon.

Chapters (47)
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