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I used to write on FF, but I stopped and become just a reader. Then I moved to Fimfiction, where I began reviewing stories. Now I've decided to jump back into writing.

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The Harmony League Soul List · 3:46am Feb 17th, 2016

Confirmed Hero Souls. Universe, Soul, Character, and Title
1. DC - Clark Kent/Superman - Twilight Sparkle - Soul of Hope

2. Undertale - Frisk - Pinkie Pie - Soul of Determination [Supersheep64 guessed this on his first attempt]

3. One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy - Applejack - Soul of Family [Marwile guessed this on his second attempt]

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It always does, as I have done retail twice and the second time was far worse then the first.

Tired. Proud, but mostly tired. Retail sucks.

Just dropping a line to see how you have been.

Glad to hear. Enjoy when you do.

Certainly. It caught my attention well enough, and when I get the time I'll sit down and read some of it.

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