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Midnight Glisten

My Best Friend is Shimmer Shy (Thank you for the new OC)! Writer and whatnot... Very Nifty! Much Zesty!


New OC · 7:04pm Jan 29th, 2017

Alrighty, I have changed my OC. Thank you for letting me know of the mix up! Thank you! -Midnight Glisten

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I am so sorry! · 6:54pm Jan 29th, 2017

I had no idea this OC was in use, i swear! Shimmer Shy just told me and I will be changing my OC as soon as possible. I am very sorry! Please don't hate on Shimmer for this it was a small mistake. Again, I apologize.

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oh, hey didn't see ya there XD · 2:11pm Jan 29th, 2017

Good morning guysss!!! So, I was thinking of answering some questions from you guys...so it would be great if you commented some. Also, I was wondering what to call you guys. Some I came up with are, Sunshines and Sun Rays...but it would be great if you had some suggestions. Thanks :yay: ! Don't forget to spread a little sunshine today, y'know? - Ocean Tropics :heart:

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Hey! I'm back! · 3:44am Jan 29th, 2017

What's up guys?! It's been awhile...hehe. Anyways, I will try to be on here more often. Key word: Try :rainbowlaugh: . My best friend Shimmer Shy will make sure of it! :twilightblush: I hope to start writing and update frequently so don't worry lol! By the way, I recently changed my username from MintySweet to Ocean Tropics, to clear up any confusion. Until next time! - Ocean Tropics :heart:

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It's been awile · 2:39am Mar 9th, 2016

Hello Minties! I've decided to call you guys Minties! What do you think? Anyways, sorry I haven't been on much...I've been really busy with school and other stuff such as, drama at school, writers block, practically 10 pounds of homework, and taking care of my new doggy Coco!:pinkiesmile: I now have a schedule. I will be on FimFiction from 4:15pm to 7:15pm, but taking breaks for dinner and stuff including family, if I am on later than when I usually am on, I will blog an explanation for my

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Whats up my pony friends?! · 4:23pm Jul 1st, 2015


Once again I am back, it has been a while since I have been on and I wanted to say hi and wish you a happy 4th of july!!!

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summer · 10:47pm May 30th, 2015

Hello fellow pony lovers!!!! I have not been on here lately because of... SUMMER!!! It has actually been two weeks but, I keep thinking I have school! So, therefore HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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