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Lightning Crystal

Just a normal guy living a normal life, and that's all I could ever want


We all know the saying right, the brightest smiles hide the darkest pasts. Well it's true, and no more so for Lightning Crystal, he had dreams, ambitions, and all around just wanted to live a happy life, but because of one dumb mistake, he can't let his dark past and demons torment him, lest he fall deep into insanity. It seems hopeless for Lightning, but because he has such amazing friends, and a new life waiting ahead for him, he feels now is the time to share his story.

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Princess Celestia watched all the seasons of Total Drama and when she saw it ended she was not happy, she brought Chris Mclean to Equestria to start a new season, Total Drama: Equestria.

I'm Chris Mcelan, and i'm going to be making twenty ponies spend time together on one island, some will love, some will hate, all will get hurt. All this and more on this season of TOTAL DRAMA EQUESTRIA!

Note: The confessionals will be written in orange

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This story is a sequel to Life in ponyville (part 1)

It has been three months since Lightning moved to manehattan and he is missing his friends a lot, so as a surprise he didn't let anypony know of his return to ponyville, and this time it's for good. He will go on new adventures with his friends, some fun, some not so much, but he will stay no matter what.

Has since been changed to teen since this newest chapter being published

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It's been months since the disappearances started, at first it was fillies and colts, but then mares and stallions started to disappear as well. Shot Lock, a detective for canterlot was sent to investigate these strange disappearances, but he could only find one thing in common, the everfree forest.

He goes and gathers up a search team, can they solve this mystery, or is it all a lost cause?

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In Cloudsdale, a white pegasus stallion prepares for a move to Ponyville that will send him on a series of adventures, and misadventures, with new friends. Come along as a mere weather stallion deals with getting caught up in the lives of a D.J., a cellist, a lyrist, and a candy-maker.

This takes place a little bit after the show start up

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