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I just got back from my yearly medical checkup. Turns out I don't have any internal organs... just some nasty, gunky shit.


Well, some... Interesting news · 10:43pm Aug 23rd, 2019

You may have noticed the many cancelled fics and while I wish it weren't true, I can't keep them up in an icomplete state for so long and give you all false hope. Cancelling so many, well it made me think of leaving all together and quit writing.

But I decided nah mate, fuck that. I'm too stubborn to give up. I mean yeah most of my fics are canned but that don't mean I'm done. I have ideas, a couple in fact and eventually I will have them up.

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Hello to those who still follow me. · 2:33pm Apr 26th, 2019

Been a while hasn't it? I'm not exactly how long it's been, too lazy to see and I'd rather not cringe.

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Alrighty then Folks! · 7:45pm Feb 21st, 2018

I know it's been a long while since I last updated any of my numerous fics and the reason being, well there's just too many to focus on and I ask you, my readers, to vote on the one you want updated the most and the chosen fic will be my direct focus for one or two chapters before casting yet another vote.

To Vote simply write the name of the fic and whichever has been picked the most will be my focus.

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Random Post · 11:02pm Nov 13th, 2017

No words can describe how awesome these guys are.

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Moving to the States. · 3:59pm Oct 27th, 2017

Yeah, due to the lack of power across Puerto Rico, the schools are to remain closed until further notice. Luckily this doesn't affect me as I have graduated high school and still debating in contuing my studies in computer engineering but my little brothers (one being in middle school and the other in high school) are severely affected by this and my parents decided that we should live out in the states till everything goes back to normal.

Orlando, Kissimmee here comes Uncle!

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Big News and it's not good. · 6:00pm Oct 1st, 2017

My entire island is in the dark ages, no water, no electricity and most cell phone towers were brought down by the storm.

I'm currently in an area with cellphone service, miles away from my house writing this blog out. I'm not sure when things are going back to the way they were, I'm not even sure if it things WILL go back to normal...

Wish me and my family luck, we're going to need it.

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New Hurricana threat · 1:35pm Sep 19th, 2017

Hurricane Maria is on its way to fuck up the island I call home. There's still parts of it with no power! It hasn't even been that long since Irma either, which pisses me off because well, no power means no water in which we use to bathe, wash clothes, or clean dishes.

I guess once more into the breach then.

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P-Po-Po-Po-POWER · 9:47pm Sep 8th, 2017

Power's back on my island. I'm so full of glee! (No I'm not) Yes I am... What?

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Hurricane Irma went by · 2:56pm Sep 7th, 2017

I live in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico to be exact and Irma, by a stroke of luck, hadn't caused the expected damage as it changed tragectory last minute.

But before it did, the whole island suffered a blackout, cellphone towers just recently ran out of gas for their backup generators (they're back online btw).

I guess I was lucky. Nothing life threatening accord during the time of the brutal winds and never-ending rain.



The Night of The Hunt has given birth to the End · 2:46pm Sep 4th, 2017

What began as a simple fashionable look slowly changed into something worse, far worse than anything imaginable. His name brings fear to the Yharmamites that roam the streets, beasts cower at the sight of him, the Nightmare itself was brought to its knees by him.

The Night of The Hunt has given birth to its End and he is only known as

The Captain, Hunter of all things Twisted by the plague

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