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I’m on Tumblr now · 11:58pm Nov 6th, 2018

I’ve decided to do an Ask Blog on Tumblr for my little cartoon characters, and I’d like it very much if any of you with Tumblr accounts could follow me there and ask my little guys some questions

Here, click the link, do it, do it now

I want to keep making content and branch out to new things, Tumblr seems like a decent place to start.

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I deleted it along with a bunch of other stories

What happened to soldier like no other

why did you cancel your metal condition story?

Do you need a proof reader

It won't be out for a long while, that's of I do decide to do it

mind letting me know when the reboot of beautiful eyes comes out?

In life, you either end up struggling through your whole way, achieving a few of your goals, or you end up like the lucky stoner chucklefuck I call my brother, Celtic


I love the opening to that game. The music and the animation is just absolutely beautiful.

Found another criticism. It's on another user's story, but the story was originally written by Joker and presented on his page before he turned it over to this user. The comment linked also has links to several other critiques and comments.

  • Viewing 268 - 287 of 287
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