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Don't expect any story updates, at least not for awhile

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I made an animation · 7:37pm August 1st


Please watch it, and if possible subscribe to me, it gives me more incentive to make more.

Also something kinda went wrong with the video file exporting that made it slightly darker than it was meant to be, so you best put up your brightness a bit, thank you :heart:

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When will you release the next Heartbreak chapter?

Do you need a proof reader

It won't be out for a long while, that's of I do decide to do it

mind letting me know when the reboot of beautiful eyes comes out?

In life, you either end up struggling through your whole way, achieving a few of your goals, or you end up like the lucky stoner chucklefuck I call my brother, Celtic


I love the opening to that game. The music and the animation is just absolutely beautiful.

Found another criticism. It's on another user's story, but the story was originally written by Joker and presented on his page before he turned it over to this user. The comment linked also has links to several other critiques and comments.

Neat! I love reading reviews (want to specialize in culture journalism). Thanks a lot.

Not to keep putting logs in the fire, only out of curiosity (journalist here), where can I read those critiques? Or were those in the stories comments?

Wow. Dude. You need to step back and look at what you're saying about my friend here.

Yes, he bad-mouthed you. He has that right. But he did it in a comment in response to a blog post made as a formal critique of a story.

You escalated things by blogging about a months-old incident.

You've also dragged in Snow, another friend of mine, and needlessly so. That speaks to me of you being more of a dick than the accused.

Not to mention, I've been vicious in my various criticisms, and yet you've not incurred angry blogs against me despite having all the incentive to.

Coming to this user page was a gigantic error on your part. That is the objective conclusion. If you would retain whatever level of dignity you have left, you will not incite angst and anger. You will rise above the criticism and do better. That's how people do better.

Seriously dude? Calling her "pretty miss?" XD


This, pretty miss, is exactly what I told you about.

Bruh, Hack is MINE, you can have the rest of those bland fucks.

I'm not gonna feel bad about this it's just too damn funny to me XD

Bad mouth me as much as you want, I'm just gonna laugh XD

The Written In The Stars OCs are mine, Bullet. To think, I once called you my friend. That's a mistake I won't make twice. I tried to fix our friendship. Tried to make things better between us. But, there had to be a friendship to fix.

  • Viewing 278 - 297 of 297
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