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It's been a bit since Twilight became a princess, but sometimes she still wonders, "Why me?"

In response, Celestia invites Twilight to talk about it with her in Canterlot, to give her student further guidance.

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When Starlight Glimmer reads A Hearth's Warming Tail for herself the day after Hearth's Warming, she finds it to be a bit different then how she remembered. Specifically, what was Sunburst doing in the story?

Turns out that Twilight doesn't always read the whole story.

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"...we could be stuck doing this for all eternity!" Twilight said.
"That's fine with me!" Starlight responded.
Starlight never thought that Twilight was actually being serious.

What would have happened if Starlight hadn't turned herself over to Twilight? If she rejected friendship, even after being given a chance to come back?

Starlight Glimmer is strong. She always has been. She always will be.
But Twilight wants that to change.

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