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A writer from the United States. Likes MLP, WWE, Anime, and the Brony Analysis Group.

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Adam died upholding everything he stood for. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his home world. But what he thought was the gate to the afterlife, turns out to be a new world entirely.
Now, he must fight to make sure an age old prophecy does not become fulfilled. Can he rewrite destiny, or will it be to much for him. And will he be able to overcome his inner demons as well.

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Straight Edge transferred to Canterlot High from his high school in Chicago. Straight has never been one for fitting in, one of the reason he became straight edge, but when a certain blonde haired country girl enters his life, he just might find there is more to life then Comic books, Punk Rock Music, and Muay Thai.

A big shout out to these guys for supporting my descision to join their little world.

These Guys own there Respective OCs and Hasbro owns Equestria Girls, I only own My OC.

Thanks to BlueSun52 for also making the new cover art.

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