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natalie the kitten

*purrs* to become a puppet you must remove oneself of pain and harshness of choice nothing you now do is your fault you now belong to someone you belong to me! *purr*

my kitty mind



i need to go · 11:13am Apr 25th, 2015

i hurt so many people

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1781112 No your a great person and my friend please don't put yourself down like that

1781099 i is just a cry baby who is bullied here is a summary of me irl i am a spotty ginger idiot who has a posh accent to make himself sound smart but is actually a self loathing idiot who would never get laid because he is an idiot who others take the piss out of for being an easy target

(my Pm no work)
please sweetie don't be sads i thinks your a great person and popularity isn't that important *holds close and snuggles

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