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In the land of Equestria there are many places, from the tall building and glamour of Manehattan, the artistic sophistication of Canterlot, down to the humble earth life of Appleloosa. Then we have the smaller, less known places like Bog Trotter Villa and Welmton. Then last but not least, the small town of Care Well Hollow.

You’re not likely to find our humble little hamlet on any maps. Actually we’re blocked from view on most maps of Equestria by the mountain of Canterlot. Which might explain why you wouldn’t be able to see us.

Care Well Hollow is your average small town, with your average small town ponies. We take pleasure in the simple things like saying howdy as you pass by a friend, tea on the front porch, parties at town hall, well, more like town meetings but that sounds a little formal considering most of us just goof off and drink punch. Normal stuff.

Our notable landmarks include the sunny patch work club for the elderly (Foals and young adults welcome), Whistling chasm, Cloud Gazer memorial statue, and Stetson Asylum.

But in spite of how normal we are, we do have our fair share of strange happenings. Urban legends, rumours of bumps in the night.

This is one of those tales.

Edited by Curious Quill.
Preread by LoneUnicornWriter

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Sometimes mistakes change everything.
Sometimes literally everything.
A dark tale for the month of October!

The story was edited by Curious Quill.

Someone actually did a reading of this :pinkiegasp:

Chapters (1)
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