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Aquamarine Glow

Bio? I'm not even gonna bother...

Ahoy there!

I'm just here to read and comment on other people's amazing stories, but other than that there is not much to tell
My fave ship is... hold on a second, let me see if I can find it using my telescope
27 seconds later
Nope not that one
15 minutes later
No, just NO!
49 hours later
Ohhhhhh, so that's what happened to Flashlight...erm moving on
One eternity later
OMC! HOW HARD IS IT TO FIND- Oh there it is, my fave ship is ->

*le sigh* such a beautiful ship and they still haven't made it official...
My other fave ships are Flashlight and Cheesepie
Opinions were made to be different, so don't get angry at me for liking these ships

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Comment posted by Sheltie Paws deleted Jun 4th, 2015
Comment posted by Aquamarine Glow deleted January 20th

1845354 , Thanks! Hey, do you want a follower shout out?

I follow any writer that fits in the awesome category :pinkiehappy: and I also really liked your Soarindash story
:fluttershysad: if you haven't noticed I am kinda obsessed with them and no I am not always looking searching for fictions about them...

Thank for the follow! How did I earn it?

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