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I am a proud high school drop out of the OKC public school system, a part time brony and a chain smoking asshole; I wouldn't recommend any of them to a kid.


Enraptured · 2:10am Jun 11th, 2021

I'm going through the story and polishing it, not much should change except for some wording and continuity fixes, so relax.

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Talon Company · 5:07am Jul 4th, 2016

Okay... Where to start? Okay, I think I know. So there's this guy on YouTube, 17 minutes or less, who does raps for Fallout and I heard one of them, the Enclave one I think, and asked him to make a Talon Company rap...

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So I loaned my Skyrim OC to someone about six and a half months ago · 6:28am Mar 4th, 2016

And he made a lot of fun just turning the ridiculous mentally I had during gameplay into a despicable, but not too standard, minor enemy boss. It's call The Dragonborn Chronicles; part one, Ponies in Skyrim, and I laughed at what he did to him. Now, the following is the absolutely true set of PM's from him and me that gave him what he had to base off of, and while he didn't stick too close to

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Mister Cee's bio, equipment and abilities. · 11:59pm Jan 11th, 2016


Mister Cee

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A removed piece of family history. · 7:18pm Dec 20th, 2015

A removed portion from Displaced Soul Ch: 3, in which Charlie discuses Tattoos and his family, except for the part about having the tattoo, all of that is actual family history.

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Removed or disapproved stuff. · 7:27am Dec 19th, 2015

[Note to be added to the bottom later;

Let's say the amount of Anam gained from each corpse was equal to Bioshock's Adam, each corpse Theresa drinks a pint of blood. I'm being generous with the needle's bottle size.

80 Anam from two corpses a day times 90 days equals 7,200.

7,200 minus 95 percent of 7,200 equals 360 Anam or a loss of 6,840 Anam. I don't really lnow exactly how much Anam I want him to have so that was just an example.

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Big Daddy prequel or sequel? · 8:57pm Nov 1st, 2015

Its a simple question, prequel or sequel? Should I focus on making the prequel or work on the main story and start making the seguel as soon as I'm done? What do you think the prequel will be like? How about the sequel? Vote now and let me know.

Also, thanks for hitting those like and favorite buttons.

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Damn, when did I get so popular? · 4:04am Oct 6th, 2015

Oh yeah, when I decided to take some time away from one Displaced fic and put it into my other Displaced fic. I never would've guess that the story that I was ignoring was going to be this popular, my last attempts at writing were major flops. But Mister Cee, Big Daddy, err, Big Uncle straight out floored me with the positive responses. I guess the reason its got so many positive reactions is because you can just tell that this isn't a "Displaced just for fun" fanfic, I have an ending, maybe

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Shit I removed from my story. · 8:55pm Aug 3rd, 2015

This is a list of stupid and/or irrelevant stuff, the lower stuff might still be used.

A chameleon named Nobody.
Lemon Hearts freaking out over Jason.
Jason using a smoke grenade to scare off the bug bear.
Jason befriends the bug bear using a honey & granola bar.
Fluttershy punching Jason, Jason then healing Fluttershy's "broken everything past the wrist syndrome."

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slowly making headway · 7:44am Apr 30th, 2015

*Breathes in, holds it for a few seconds before breathing out.*
It is taking forever to sort out all the little details, everwhere I look,
There is a ridiculously huge number of possible outcomes,
To pick one out of so many is harder then I thought, fuuuck, writing
is harder then I thought, then again, maybe I'm just coming up with
too many variations of the same scene, a scene that is still nowhere near

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