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Yet another time lord

just another time lord comenting on his favorite stories


Technical problems · 1:05am Aug 31st, 2015

Just a quick one to let people know that my tablet decided that I can't post in Fimfiction no more,any atempt just returns an error message so thats why I haven't been answering or posting. I'll try to get it repaired and post a chapter sometime during the week


Of hourglasses and moon dancers · 11:07am Jul 8th, 2015

I've seen the last episode of FIM and boy was it a continuity blast with the whole party and twilight beeing on panic mode for her perceived lousy friendship(not to mention that moon dancer while not doubt create a lot of shipping fics as well as the lingering existencial crisis that twilight is but one of many clones that Celestia has used trough the years in an atempt to create a worthy succesor) but possible metal gears fics aside(between Twilight, Sunset and Moon dancer we definetely have

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