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In an equal society, some people are more equal than others. Especially those at the top. Just food for thought.

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Traditional Crystal Pony belief holds that many of their heroes come from the days before the Crystal Empire was founded, the days where noble houses rose and fell as easily as the sun rises and sets each day. And when those days ended, these heroes disappeared, becoming myth and legend.

The Crystal Ponies believe that their heroes are not dead, but rather slumber in tombs, to be awakened at a later date. However, many heroes faded into obscurity and the scrolls holding the locations to their tombs hidden away by the Crystal Emperors. Because of this, save for times of great need, these tombs go unfound.

For the Ponies of Equestria, the tombs belonging to these heroes of Crystal Pony legend are the subjects of great debate, and archaeologists search them out, seeking both the treasure and hero contained within each one.

And for one Royal Guard lieutenant, one of these heroes could be the break she needs...

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What cost would you be willing to take to save everything you stand for?


Three thousand years.

Three thousand years ago, the Empire of the Inferno crumbled away, leaving the four Pony races fragmented and leaderless. In time, the four races found land to call their own. And on this land that they found, they created kingdoms, conquering land and warring each other for control of more land.

That all changed when six ponies of vastly different backgrounds, on a quest to find fertile land in their ancestral homeland of Equestria, found something. Something of great power...

The Power of Harmony, a form of magic dating back to the world's origin. With this power, rivaling that of the First Lords, the six ponies exterminated the Windigos that had been plaguing their kingdoms, and brought an end to the current wars.

These six unified the Three Tribes under a single banner, and brought peace to their homeland.

A peace, they thought, would last forever...

It wouldn't.


A Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I & II crossover.
Rated Teen for mild gore and swearing.

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By 1999 AD, the governments of Terra realize that a unified government is needed to manage global crises. This new government is called the Equestrian Federation, as the winning idea for a global government was proposed by the trading superpower known as Equestria.
Six years later, the Equestrian Federation starts its space colonization program. The next forty years are spent constructing the first space colonies.
By nineteenth year of the Universal Century, the Equestrian Federation has begun moving portions of its massive population into space. These colonists, termed Spacenoids by the Terra-side citizens, are forced to adapt to their new lives and occupations.
Universal Century 0069: Political tensions between the Equestrian Federation and the newly established New Lunar Republic, Mars' space and ground colonies unified by former Equestrian Princess Luna, are extremely high. Federation politicians know that any kind of incident could spark a civil war.
Universal Century 0079: The New Lunar Republic begins its offensive against the Equestrian Federation. The Solar Civil War has begun.
Only one faction can survive this conflict. The one that does will own the solar system.


Rated Teen for mild blood and language.
Crossover with Mobile Suit Gundam (the Universal Century timeline)

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How far would you go to save one of those closest to you?


Twilight Sparkle has ascended to alicornhood and been crowned as the Solarian Empire's fourth alicorn princess. Her friends and family have welcomed this change with open arms. However, not every citizen feels this way.
Twilight Sparkle, having been elevated to a very high spot in Imperial politics in a short amount of time, now faces new enemies, both in the nobility and amongst the average citizens.
When an assassination attempt on Twilight Sparkle fails during her Coronation Banquet, how will the Empire react to this?
The most important question is this: How far will Twilight's friends and family go to save her from a terrible fate?


This story is divided into three parts, or acts. Act Two is divided into two parts:
Act One: Impact
Act Two, Part One: Expedition to The Black Library
Act Two, Part Two: Chaotic Defense
Act Three: Any Means Necessary

The "Crossover" tagging will become apparent later on, if it isn't already obvious.
Rated Teen for mild gore and mild language.
Note: The events of Seasons 1-5 happen in an entirely different order in this timeline, with some never even occurring.

Chapters (15)
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