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Applebloom sits bored at home, when Big Mac comes in with a big surprise.

no foalcon.........?
*No apples were harmed in the making of this story

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A war, a game. A game, a war. They call it chess.

King Sombra is a newlywed, and now, with a queen by his side, he must become the strongest. So, he'll start by fighting with a Goddess herself- Celestia.

(For less confusion)

King: Celestia
Queen: Luna
Bishop(s): Twilight Sparkle, Mi Amoure Cadenza
Knight(s): Shining Armour, Flash Sentry
Rook(s): Zecora, Discord
Pawn(s): Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer, Spike


King: King Sombra
Queen: Queen Chrysalis
Bishop(s): Trixie (The Great and Powerful), Rover
Knight(s): Tirek, Fido
Rook(s): Ahuizotl, Spot
Pawn(s): Changeling(s)

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In Ponyville, Sweetie Belle wakes up in her everyday home, only to discover that she's been left alone! She quickly turns to her friends who do their best to help... But it isn't enough to bring Sweetie Belle's heart back up from the shadows.

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A great war is about to begin in Canterlot. Only two sisters can save the day.

(Will most likely be a prequel.)

((Cliff Hanger at end))

Written for: The Royal Sisters Contes

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Seventeen year old Nightfall is living the dream: two best friends and one colt-friend. Her family spoils her rotten, but she still remains lovely in every way. She is sweet and kind, but one day, her friends turn out to be her enemies, and her colt falls in love with another, all plotting to kill her. Or is the story just from a scared, disturbed filly?

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A young filly named Autumn who grew up with her grandmother named Mystical Shine receives an interesting gift from Mystical for Autumn's 16th Birthday. But when Autumn realizes what it can do, she can change her whole self.

(Rated Teen for the following:

Minor Gore
Bad Influence

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As Black Flame, a unicorn discovers three unique friends, it's up to them to save the world, far after the four mane Princesses had died. It is up to him, and three very unlikely friends/siblings to save the day.
But they make it... To their deaths.........................

Edited by: shadowminded

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