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Greetings ladies and gents, I'm The Lone Doctor, I am a huge fan of well written fics. Whether they are military, sci-fi, cross-over, historical, or what have you, if it's well written, I love it.

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This story is a sequel to My How the Seasons Go By...

For four long years, Marble had waited for Sunset to come home as she risked life and limb to save the home she loved. Now she's back, and for the most part, she hasn't lost any limbs. But is she really the same Sunset from before? Will Marble be able to cope with the next set of trials? Will Marble be able to comprehend and help this New Sunset? Or will she feel helplessness as Sunset becomes less and less familiar to her?

They say you can take the mare from Equestria, but you can never take Equestria from the Mare.

A post war story, with references to PTSD, so be warned. Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

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This story is a sequel to My How the Seasons Go By...

For all intents and purposes, she was in love, hopelessly in love, and confused, and scared, oh so scared. So scared she can't do anything about it. How can a shy Amish girl like her hold an (honestly) unusual relationship with another girl if she can't even figure out how a toaster works? How can she handle losing her love as she marches off to war? Well as her momma always said, "It's better to try than to never try at all." And her momma's never been wrong before....yet.

Or, how a girl fresh from Amish country deals with a midlife crisis while juggling the wonders of 70's culture and technology, and the insanity of her sister and her friends, all on her Rumpsringa. A tale covering the days between and after the events of My How the Seasons Go By.

Special thanks again, to Kildeez for helping me edit this out.

Chapters (8)

The summer of 1972 was a great turning point for Marble. As a right of passage in her Amish community, she must set foot in the English world for a time and then consider whether or not to stay in the community. It's no surprise then that her older sister by a few minutes had invited her to stay at her home in Oregon with their big sister for the duration of her "running around."

What does surprise her is how quickly she falls for an Englisher, fresh from high school graduation. As their friendship blossoms onto something more for Marble, how will she express her love? Will she go home to Pennsylvania? And does Pinkie's new cherry chimichanga recipe outclass her baking?

A love spanning a year. Set in the Fall of Equestria: Vầng Trăng Rực Sáng universe. Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: The Changing Seasons

Chapters (2)
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