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Witching Hour

This is my circus and these are my monkeys aren't they? Carp.


Ch8 of Minutor Crystallum · 5:18am April 9th

So... Thanks to copious assistance from Jim, I've managed to finally finish chapter 9, so that means..... I can post chapter 8!

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New VV story! · 4:04am Nov 8th, 2022

Hey folks! So! While I've not been able to write a lot lately, I've been helping others in my group... And our dear Honorary Troll, Avellana, has finally finished writing a good portion of her story, The Dying of the Light! Go read and review peeps!

Love & Light and Stay Safe folks!


Ch7 of MoaMC · 3:42am Sep 30th, 2022

Alright! It's finally ready to post! I finished Chapter 8 Tuesday night, but I'm making it a habit to sit on a chapter an extra day once I finish the next one just so that I don't like... have to go back a bunch to fix things, I guess...

Chapter 9's gonna be a while in progress, so no breath-holding okay? :raritywink:

Love & Light!

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Another update! At last!!! · 4:28pm Aug 19th, 2022

So... Birthday happened... it was good... I've been doing a lot of cross-stitch lately, and my darling husband let me buy a bunch of patterns... Unfortunately, this has meant I needed to go on a shopping spree at my local craft store to buy all the thread colors I need for it... My receipt is around THREE FEET LONG.... Worst part? I'm still missing a couple colors. 😭

Anyways... between that and other things, I've managed to finish another chapter, so up Ch 6 goes! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

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Wooooo!!! New update!!! · 6:25pm Jun 29th, 2022

SO!!! I finished chapter 6 a while ago, but I held off on posting Chapter 5 for MoaMC because I was afraid I'd reread it and either scrap it... or toss out a whole section or something silly/stupid like that!!! However, I've reread it a couple times, and I haven't done anything like that, so I added the author note and it's up! Woooooo!!!

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Woooooooo!!!! · 3:51am Jun 6th, 2022

I (with significant help) have finally finished Chapter 5 of MoaMC... So therefore, you all get to read Chapter 4!

Enjoy meeting the fun side of Witch's family!

Love and Light,

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We Write What We Know: Random Thoughts On My Writing Style For Familial Relationships · 4:46pm May 11th, 2022

So... while reading some other works of fanfiction (not MLP, as I'm presently on a historical fiction kick), I've remembered something that I keep burying/ignoring.

WARNING: the rest of this is my ramblings about my personal family.

I have two ways of writing the fathers of my characters. Either they are absent/negligent (only occasionally are they outright abusive in any way)... or they are amazing paragons of paternal virtue.

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What's This?! Black Magic Heresy!!! · 3:18am Mar 31st, 2022

SO!!! As you might note: I HAVE A NEW STORY POSTED!!!

This thing's been in the works for .... Well... I started it in the Before-Times... BUT!!! I have finally finished it!

Just a short little fluff piece establishing things for the Sequel of DoOoM!



Events in the Life of Witching Hour · 6:06pm Sep 29th, 2021

I really should try to keep this thing better updated... But here's a brief recap:

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Straight Outta Quarantine - Or at least... dipping my toes back in the pool... · 2:15am Jul 17th, 2021

SO!!! As on the 23rd of June, I got my second Fauci Ouchie, and as of the 7th of July, I was fully vaccinated and cleared to return to work (part-time) by my wonderful doc.

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