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MLP/Gravity Falls/Star Wars Fan. My prof pic is Equity Equilibrium my OC (EQ)'s cuite mark. (google the name; meaning Fairness and Balance) God of Galaxies, Universes and Dimensions in my fics.

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Quick one-shot fic and side story to TheInvincibleIronBrony's fanfic MLPU: Spider-Mare: Cats Claws.
This is an AU and does not canon to MLPU.

Superheroes Spider-Mare and Black Cat are tired of each other. Spider-Mare thinks that Black Cat is a plucky upstart and Black Cat thinks that Spider-Mare is too entitled.

When they vent to their friends during a typical school day, Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara end up in a heated argument. Could this be the revelation of their secret identities?

Tagged "Comedy" depending on your sense of humor. :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (1)
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