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Holy fuck that is a lot of compliments! My ego's lawyer will be in touch.
Yes, I really wanted to take the challenge and write mute Vinyl as the main character... You know, it's a way to make my story more unique!
I try my best to make relatable characters (since this is a high-school SoL fic), and to give each of them a personnality.
Thanks again for all the compliments my dude, I'm very glad you can enjoy my story! More to come!
Gros bisous,


its no worrys my freind ! i couldnt get over how anime as all heck the cover was. that and ive enver ever for the life of me read a book from the perspective of a mute and the reason for that is that is probaly quite hard and yet you manage to not only have a mute character in your book but have them as a main character. its like your flexxing on me in the nicest and most talented way ever. like ive tried writing a mute character but i struggle so hard with it. i dont think i can stress how impressed i was with your story and fundamentaly the story as a whole so far is lovely. like the character developing feel like real and rich characters. vthe way they behave makes me feel like there real. just all round good job its these types of books that keep me on this sight because rather suprisingly i dont even watch mlp or take part in the fandom. its raw talent like this story that keep me here so good job.

Many thanks for adding "Silent Love" to your favorites my man! You're a qualitative person!


Honestly it’s a fundamentally unique displaced story which from my opinion takes talent. It’s well written and the characters are well developed so I will keep reading asking as you keep writing :P

May you continue to enjoy reading Zebrican Warlord!

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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