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A Belgian Brony, who wants to give writing a shot.


A small update: January 2019 · 12:14am January 2nd

Hello everypony!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!

I've updated my story again and I've changed the title.

Yeah, when I started the reboot I wanted to change the title as well but I couldn't find a good one that fitted with the three story arcs I've planned. Then when I finished my latest chapter it found the title that I wanted: Flaring up our hearts. I think it fits perfectly with the way Lone and Sunny tease it each other sometimes. Well mostly Lone. :twilightblush:

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Life is getting harder for me/ Happy 4th of July · 8:07pm Jul 4th, 2018

First of all, I wanna wish all of my friends from the USA, a Happy 4th of July/ Independence Day. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I salute you all!

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365 days later... · 5:54pm Jan 19th, 2018

Not a day goes by without me thinking of him...

It's a year later now, a year ago my friend died from aggressive bone cancer.
Every day I think: What would he do now? How's he doing?
These questions keep haunting me because I don't know! Can he even hear me?

I know one thing: I miss him!
His family is missing him, his friends, teachers and everybody else he ever met is missing him.
This day is hard for all who have ever known him.

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I've made a decision · 8:15pm Nov 9th, 2017

After getting some feedback from my friends in the PoME group and on Discord, I've decided to reboot my PoME story. Why? I'm dragging the plot way too far, there's still no real romantic development between Lone and Sunny, I've added so many characters and OC's and I have no idea how to go further with them.

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I'm feeling.... down · 11:01pm Feb 24th, 2017

2017, a new year with new challenges and.........

You know what? I hate this year already!!!!

Sorry for that outburst but the first two months haven't been really great for me.
I.... lost a few good people already.
I thought I was over my grief but still, I'm not.

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Over 1000 views on my PoME story + 50 Questions. · 12:26pm Dec 24th, 2016

Me when I found out that my PoME story had over 1000 views:

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Q&A from 50 followers · 4:16pm Nov 26th, 2016

Hello everyone!

As promised here are the answers from all of you guys.

Starting with fluffysam

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite food?
French Fries of course! :derpytongue2:

What's your favorite drink?
Ice tea! I love drinking Soda. Especially Ice Tea.

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Let's try again: 50 Followers (Take 2) :3 · 12:02am Nov 22nd, 2016

Yup! Once again I have reached 50 followers.
(Hopefully for real this time.) :pinkiegasp:

Anyways Yay! :yay:

Ok So like in the previous blog I was planning to do Q&A.
If you still have some questions about me, my Oc's or my stories feel free ask.

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'Dislikes' I have no problem with them. · 11:01pm Nov 1st, 2016

I always wondered, who disliked my stories? Don't get me wrong it's criticism and I need it. We all need it to become better at writing. But what bothers me is why no one tells me in the comments or in PM why you dislike it? Is it really that much to ask, telling me the reason why you dislike it?

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How I became a brony? · 5:33pm Apr 29th, 2015

Thanks to this clip:


After seeing this I couldn't stop Laughing and wanted to see the entire episode. :pinkiehappy:
Then I wanted to see more episodes and yeah, that's how I became Brony! :scootangel:

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