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there is a limit to how much hardship one pony can take before they start breaking. but sometimes, the best help comes in the simplest forms. some comforting words, a tasty treat or two, or a caring hug from a friend.

something i wrote up in a couple of nights and wanted to post. i wanted to get this out to hopefully make myself feel a little bit better.

coverart by TLATopHat
did not ask for permission to use picture, so will delete it if asked by owner.

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In the city-state of Kadiston where cultures and festivals are abundant, there is plenty of opportunity for different walks of life to grow and prosper. Sly Pocket just happened to find his desired path in kleptomania for profit on one particular day with his friends. And with a plethora of successful heists made, no job seemed too hard for this band of expert thieves. Unfortunately, his latest job just happened to be the one where somepony decided to put their hoof down and stop their good streak.

Hey guys, Kablam here. So several weeks ago during one of my D&D sessions with a group of friends, I was asked if I would write up a background story for my character who is the charming, roguish thief you see before you. I had put it off for the longest time and it wasn't until now that I was finally convinced to actually write the dang thing; and it was originally just going to be a monologue of an explanation until an idea popped up into my head. So I wrote this, and after some convincing I decided to post it up for others to see. Not my usual thing to do one shots, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Not sure if I will be making any kind of continuation with this, but if asked nicely I might be inclined to try and do something like this again. Who knows...

this story is based off of the world of PonyFinder:
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art work by Mix Up

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Connor lives a normal life in his town, going to school and working at his local martial arts studio as an instructor. He has the whole house to himself because his family is currently on a trip to see relatives out of state. Unfortunately, when a mishap occurs from one of twilight's experiments she ends up in his back yard.

But after the betrayal of his good friend, he and Twilight are forced to flee the cops and back to her dimension. Now, Connor must find a way to cope with his new body and make a new life in this strange pony world; that means getting a job, making a living.

However when a new career opportunity turns into a plot to take over the world arises, will Connor, Twilight, and the gang be able to stop it in time? Or will they be forced to follow the whims of the pony behind it all?

Cover art by Mix up
proof read and edited by IMN and Mix up

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