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Dietrich Ryan

I'm Dietrich, a eccentric, a musical enthusiast, a record collector , a teenager, I have aspbergers syndrome and ADHD , I may be depressed sometimes, but I stand by and smile, l have Je Ne Sais Quo


Explanation · 5:12am July 18th

That blog wasn’t thought out well.

I’m just done lying to myself

I love the music of artists such as dbpony.

I just don’t like the show, haven’t in a while.
I just lied to myself.. and you about it.
I’m sorry for lying, I’m sorry for the drama

As long as this fandom is around—and the content of it has decent stuff, I’ll stick around.

I’m not one of the older members, remember that. I joined back in 2015 (though I always remembered it being 2013).

I don’t know.

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