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It's summer vacation, and Dinky Doo just finished the last fantasy novel in the house. Bored out of her wits, she starts acting out her own fantasy story. The other kids in the neighborhood gradually join in, however things quickly get out of hoof.

(Formerly a collab with The Dinky Society, Now moved to my page as I am the only one working on it now.)

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When balefire and death rained from the skies, many took sanctuary in the giant underground shelters known as Stables. However, those who could not make it to one of the many Stables set sail for the Summer Sunset Islands. They hoped that the tourist hot spot would be spared the devastation. These refugees soon faced a sheer wall of violent weather, known today as The Storm Wall, sealed them away from the rest of the world. The refugees were forced to live their lives on the high seas of Oceania.

Two hundred years later, a tribal seapony has a chance encounter that would change life in Oceania forever.

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