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Jinxie Umbra

PhD in Arcanology, specialising in dark magic research. Loyal servant of Princess Luna. Wine aficionado. Presently a statue.

About the Author

Dr. Umbra's personal scribe is known in the digital realm as KuddlyKalli. She is a gay, undead, Celtic witch in her early 30s currently living on the lands of the Yuggera people of Australia. In addition to MLP:FiM, she enjoys gaming, writing, drawing, sorcery, political activism, giving to charity, and a glass of fine wine.


Status Update #7: Umbra Saga Cancelled · 2:22am Nov 7th, 2018

Greetings mortals,

After much consideration I have decided to terminate the Umbra Saga and all related plans. The incomplete first volume has been removed from this site and will not be returning.

I simply have too much to deal with these days and it is not possible for me to continue the story I began. I apologise to anyone who may have taken an interest.

Peace to you,
♥ Kalli

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