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The German Empire

Just your average American Brony who has Prussian ancestors. For Throne and Empire! For the Vaterland!

Bio about me

Age: 16 years old
Gender: Male
Interesting facts: I'm a huge Red vs. blue and RWBY
Favorite song: "This Will Be The Day" by Jeff Williams.
Favorite pony: I really don't have one.
Favorite pony (show wise): Probably Twilight since she likes to study history like I do.
Favorite quote: "Fly off to the right and explode!" - AngryJoeShow 2013
About me: I'm a proud American citizen. And I like making stories about the military from other countries or Halo.
Favorite holiday's: Christmas and the 4th of July
Favorite game(s): Overwatch (I stream it on my Twitch channel which you can go to right here: My Twitch channel Hearts of Iron 4 (been addicted for weeks), Halo, Grand Theft Auto 5, World of Warships, Battlefield, and Assassins Creed.
Other names: SuspectNutria (On Twitch and Steam), DarkBlade (Hearthstone) or Bryce Carlucci (on Xbox Live only)

Songs of the German Empire

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Save Österreich, but soften 'im up enough so his Reich breaks. Then, we save Böhmen and Österreich proper. Großdeutschland über alles!
Toss everything else to the dog, Ungarn.

Ja, might as well save Oesterreich.

(Grabs MP18)

Let's visit Frankreich!

Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja!

Comment posted by The Narwhal Assassin deleted Sep 5th, 2017

1st was a mess, 2nd was the best, and 3rd was the one with blood on it's chest.

2441410 check my latest blog. I'll explain why

Why is Die Wacht in equestria cancelled? ;-;

2411040 But which one? The tricolor or the Battleflag? (The one with the Prussian eagle in the center.)

2411039 The red, white, and black shall fly over all.

2411038 Equestria and their neighbors! If you fuck with the German Empire, the German Empire fucks with you! Bad news for those war mongering Dragons!

2411036 For the time being. But when the foes of the West and East are dealt with, where shall the Kaiser's eye go next?
Methinks they go to the great oil beneath the Ottoman sands. Methinks the Großdeutsches Lösung might be reconsidered.

2411034 Ya! The central powers versus new foes.

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