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Willight Robinbine

My name is Willight Robinbine, originally as SSJ2PinkiePie. I've been a brony for 6 years. I love the song A Kirin Tale and the holiday special The Best Gift Ever. I'm 21 years old currently.

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This fanfic will tell you on the real truth on how I know my OC Willight Robinbine. This fanfic contains scenes from TheInvertedShadow's The Elements of Insanity and the great backstory for my OC. It has gore scenes because of the elements of insanity and Willight Robinbine for all the bloody battles with them, alternate universe because of it was in the universe where the elements of insanity lives, adventure because you will know why during in this fanfic, and horror because of all the scenes where the elements of insanity been to and did. I don't own anything except for my OC. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was owned and copyrighted by Hasbro Studios, The Elements of Insanity was owned and created and copyrighted by TheInvertedShadow on YouTube, and My OC Willight Robinbine was owned and created and copyrighted by me. So I hope you will enjoy yourselves reading this fanfic of mine. This story was only based on The Elements of Insanity and my OC. The Cutie Mark Monsters(part of the Elements of Insanity) are not gonna be in this fanfic. So have an chaotic day! Also, the characters I used in this fanfic are: DJP0N3, The Elements of Insanity, The Elements of Harmony, Willight Robinbine, & William Robinson.

For now on my current and upcoming stories will have the ratings disabled.

I'm really sorry that I disabled the ratings. Now I will turn off the disabled ratings for all of my stories.

Edit: Now has a link for the cover art.

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