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Hello! I'm SSJ2PinkiePie, also known as my real name Willight Robinbine. I'm a brony since the episode of Keep Calm and Flutter On during Season 3 of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic aired on TV.

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Big News

I might to do another story soon. Another self-insert, but with a character that I created from a game that I've played. Maybe a Wizard 101 crossover with one of my characters. And that's if IF I want to. Or maybe I won't do it.

Info of Me(The REAL Me)

King Willight Alan Robinbine(King of the Multiverse/Omniverse, Prince/Alicorn of Balance, Creator of all 7 Elements of Harmony/Geodes, Mastery of all 7 kinds of magic[Harmony, Chaos, Dark, Black, Shadow, Void, & Changeling], Displaced, Harem with alot in the Displaced Multiverse, Anthro, Saiyan[From Super Saiyan{SSJ} to Super Saiyan Chaos God Super Saiyan{SSCGSSJ}])

I Got Very Special News

I can't believe I'm gonna do this but, I'm gonna write a Five Score Divided By Four story of myself. Or not... But I know that anymore Five Score Divided By Four stories will get banned because of FimFic says so. I don't know if the Five Score Divided By Four is real when I turn 25 years old. If it is, then I will be fine with it of which pony I will be turning into. I'm gonna do a Five Score Divided By Four story, but not gonna posted it on FimFiction.net, because I will be writing it on GoogleDocs and do a new blog for the link to the story. But I will wait for to do it.



New story idea for others · 6:56am February 5th

Hi! This is King Willight Alan Robinbine here and in this blog, I will give you guys an idea for stories on this site that never been in. This goes to the brony/pegasister dbz fans from the recent dbz game called Dragon Ball Fighterz. The character I want you guys to include is Android 21. I want stories with her in it as the main character. With her in Equestria before Season 1, that will be great. Helping the mane 6 from the start.


What Type Of Stories Do You Want Me To Create (Canceled) · 1:38pm Mar 22nd, 2015

Hi! I'm SSJ2PinkiePie, but you can call me Pinkie Pie. I'm gonna have to cancel this blog, because I'm doing a fanfic called "How Did Shadow The Hedgehog and Flash Sentry Meet For The Very First Time". I'm not gonna start chapter 1 right now. I'm gonna start it 1 day after I turned 18. Chapter 1 The Battle Between Shadow The Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman. Chapter 1 will be finished on Valentine's Day next year. The whole fanfic will be completed near christmas of next year. There will be 3

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In the words of Big Mac Eeyep.

I have no words. Speechless for that matter.

What do you think so far?

Your welcome! And I love your story I'm reading right now so far. I'm on chapter 7.

Thank you for the favorite and the follow :twilightsmile:

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

Oh I see. Hope you enjoy the chapter. Would appreciate if you comment on what made you laugh the most in each chapter and if you caught any references:twilightsmile:

The big project of LFATDS(Letters From Across The Disgruntled Student) series.

Thanks for the watch but why did you watch me.

I love this series for your stories. It really reminds me of NCIS, Castle, CSI.

I thank you for the watch and the fav.

Thanks for the watch and the fav,... hope you enjoy my story.

wonderful I like cookies, and there is plenty more to come :twilightsmile:

I love that story so far. It's fantastic. You get a internet cookie.

Thank you for adding War Mages and False Prophets to your favorites and the watch as well chapter 12 is in the works:twilightsmile:

I appreciate the fave. Glad you enjoyed "Roaring and Screaming"! :twilightsmile:

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