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Shipping Goggles · 8:20pm Jun 28th, 2015

So a while back, I asked my good friend Evehly if she could draw a picture of Solaris and Honeycomb. She agreed and I said she can draw whatever she wants. Since she loves shipping things, she made this.

I don't think Solaris and Honeycomb have that kind of relationship....

Dat mane tho....

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UtSW update coming soon. · 7:06pm Jun 1st, 2015

Hey, just finished moving and what not. I am currently working on the next chapter of the story. An update should be coming soon.

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Updates coming soon. · 11:40pm May 1st, 2015


I am still around. I know it has been a while. I finally finished my project, and I am going to start writing again soon. I will be updating Enter Nurse Luna next.

Sorry about the delay.

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Still around · 6:24pm Dec 6th, 2014


Don't know how many people care, but I am still around. It has been hectic with work, but I am trying to get back into things. I may have a short break coming up, and I do feel the itch to write again.

Just letting you know that I am still here.

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Status Update · 10:33pm Sep 8th, 2014

Hey guys,

Well as you noticed, I have not posted anything in a while. I have been busy because my work load increased due to grad school, personal stuff, and just life in general. As for wondering when I am going to post something, the answer at this point is that I sadly do not know. There are some things that I have devote my time to. I am sorry about this. I simply had more time during the summer and before, I just had a lot less responsibilities.

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Story Progress · 9:34pm Jul 23rd, 2014


I know it has been a while since I posted anything, sorry about that. Right now I am extremely busy with my work, and have to finish something as quickly as possible. Not only that, I am working on some personal things I need to take care of. Because of that, I have to temporarily halt my writing at the moment. I still plan to write, and already have half the chapter done in UtSW, but I need to take care of these things first. Hopefully I can get something in next month.

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Enter Nurse Luna Update in Progress. · 2:25am May 18th, 2014

I am working on it right now. Sorry for the delay. School, work, personal stuff, and other projects

While you wait, here is a preview. Have some Lethe dancing.

Poor Hoplite.

Thanks to Conicer for the sketch.

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Chapter 9 coming soon. · 2:37am May 12th, 2014

Finished the rough draft, just needs to be edited. Hit just above 5k words. Hopefully it will be up in a day or two.

Foxy Kimchi

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New chapter of "Under the Sun's Wings" in the works. · 8:10pm Apr 11th, 2014

Sorry for the delay. Busy with life and other stuff. Still am. But I am currently working on the next chapter of it.

Another reason for the delay is that a sorta hit a snag. It took me a long time to try and figure out a scene will play. I have an idea for it, but I just didn't know what words to use. But I think I got something, so I am working on it.

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Lord Solaris · 9:37pm Mar 30th, 2014

Meanwhile in alternate Equestria...

It is lovely night, Luna's moon glowing in the sky. Everything seemed peaceful.

Then, out in the distance, a faint glow emerged. At first it was small, but as the minutes passed, it grew larger and larger.

The Palace Guards looked at each other in confusion, wondering what it could possible be cause such a thing on a lovely night.

Then, they heard it. It first started as dull roar, growing louder and louder.

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