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King Mezentio of Algarve

This autistic brony is a fan of the works of Harry Turtledove. Particularly the "Darkness" hexalogy. Anypony know if there is a group for Turtledove fans?

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"Heresy!" and "An Almost-Crash ("It's A Working Title!")" 25.03.11,718 Man's Eld. · 9:22pm March 25th

Earlier to-day, I added more conversations and filler-pieces in "Heresy!" Cadance talking to Flash in the Crystal Empire library etc.

In other vignette-news, from 19th to 24th March, I wrote in the pad a short thousand-worder where-in Twilight, engrossed in her work almost walks in to Flash Sentry :twilightoops::twilightsheepish:. In Captain Iron Hoof's eyes, she reveals something she should have kept secret...

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Thank for the follow, pal! :3

You are very welcome, White Wolf. We are only two bronies or one brony and pegasister brightening the other's life.

Thanks for the Watch! I very much appreciate it!

2317665 It was gonna be sometime after they use the Elements, she starts discovering that her friends are in love with ponies outside their race, her own affections are soon called into question.

2313078 Are you thinking of contacting Badsy to tell her of your plans? E-mail may be the best way. By the way, when were you thinking for Twilight to begin doubting the Order. I Pinkie Promise I will not steal it from you.:pinkiehappy:

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