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hey there. just posting stories. Please comment or favorite. it helps my self esteem, that is, if its okay with you.

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Turn up the volume and get ready for a musical fan-fic!
Years have past as we look upon the story of Old Frederic Horseshoepin as he tries to commit suicide one night, blaming himself for the murder of none other than Octavia Von Clef.
What's Horseshoepin's story? Did the most famous pianist in all of Equestria really kill Octavia? Read on!
Rate! Comment! Please...?
While there is no actual sex or gore, the description at times can be a bit graphic, but nothing objectionable.

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Lewis Carroll is the best pony!

I basically wanted to see how Alice in Wonderland would play out with an original character and none other than than the pony who would feel most at home there. In order to write this mind-fuckery, all that had to be done was to sit and think like Pinkie Pie!
But then again, I suppose I've gone quite mad now, haven't I?

Oh, and you know you love this picture. I admit, it really has little to do with the actual plot of the story, but seeing that pic: It was an opportunity I couldn't refuse.Credit to Giuliabeck on DeviantArt.

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In other words, I don't even have Photoshop. Give me a break. Moving on.
A Wicker Man Crossover?
Nicolas Cage stealing Twilight's balloon?
Trollestia trolling?
Your body isn't ready.
If this story is crap, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I just did it for the lolz.

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Don't cry Derpy! I still love you! Either way, some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
How much does Dinky Hooves really know about her rather peculiar mother? What lies behind those winding eyes in that brain of hers? Was she always the mare of everyone's jokes? Or has fate been unkind to her?
And what about those muffins? Read on!

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Please tell me what you think! It really helps me out as far as having the motivation to keep writing!
Anyway... hope you enjoy!
Sibling Rivalry is one thing, but a broken heart can take away more than a traditional sense of Apple Family Unity. Applejack has always felt like she was the little sister of Big Macintosh and never anything else. Her strive to break free from the bondage of her brother's reputation might cost her something she didn't know she would lose...

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A Fortunate Brony finds himself in Equestria and he gets the chance to meet Celestia and Luna. But things are not as they seem. It is only through catastrophe that we realize how limited our time is with the ones we love.

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