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Hello I'm a person...you'll be lucky If you see a story on here because all I do is hate on them and blog


Quitting making hate · 1:25am Aug 27th, 2015

Seems like my account is a hate generator now well I'm gonna stop making these terrible fan fictions that I out work into I'm gonna devote my account to hating on fanfictions this reminds of someone I forget his user name let me check oh yes exiled by light him now I sitll will be posting blog posts sometimes goodbye my haters

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1869997 actually NVM but I bet you can do good on it,with my help it'll just bring more hate anyway

1862078 really thank you can you help me on it?

hey do you want me make a story about dexter TV series where fluttershy portray as dexter morgan and even the story portray dexter the TV series episodes and the seasons?

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