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Trying to get back into it · 3:59am Nov 5th, 2018

I have a bit of a hard question to ask. Not hard because the answer is difficult, but hard because of how off the wagon I realize I've been.

How does one get back into writing after being away from it for so long? Do I just jump right back in, or do I start off slowly?

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A Brief Bio

My name is Michael, but you can call me Mike if you wish. If you haven't guessed by reading my stories, I do believe in Jesus, but I'm not perfect. Hey, we all have our faults.

I fell into this fandom because of one of my friends, and have to say I deeply enjoy it. I've made quite a few good friends on here, and don't anticipate going anywhere anytime soon. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and currently reside in West Virginia, though I plan on moving out of state within the next few years. I'm a musician as well, and music and writing make up the two passions of my life. I hope to be successful in both one day, God willing.

Anyways, here are a few favorites of mine:

Favorite color: green

Favorite genre of music: rock/punk rock

Favorite food: brownies

Favorite writer: Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite non-pony TV show: It's a tie between "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter"

Favorite place to visit: I love going to Baltimore for Bronycon. It's so fun, and I'm hoping to make it an annual thing.

I'm also trying to break out into new forms of writing as time moves on. So, expect a bit of a shift in the kinds of stories I write.

Anyways, if you have any questions/would like to talk to me about something, I'm always here. Just PM me or leave a comment.

God bless and have a good one!

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Aww, thank you! That was so kind of you! God bless, and have a great day! :twilightsmile:

congradulations *confetti pop* you have been selected by me the great Queen Chrissy (in desgise) to recive a random comment of the day may the wealth and happiness of the world rain apon you and may your days be blessed
Chrissy The Queen of the swarm (in disgise)

Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for replying back, glad to hear your still working on it sorry though that life is being tough on you but hope you'll make it through. Godspeed

  • Viewing 77 - 81 of 81
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