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My hobbies include Bicycling, Digital art, Exercise walking, Japanese visual arts, Minnesota history, Model Railroading, Photography, Passenger train advocate, and Writing nonfiction and fiction.

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According to pony history, more than a thousand years ago it was bigotry, distrust, and fighting that attracted the windigos to the original homeland of the three pony tribes. By feeding off the ancient ponies’ negativity, the windigos set about enclosing pony lands in never-ending snowstorms. Those ancient ponies left their homeland to find new lands that later became the Equestrian nation. Now, the modern generation of ponies will make a remarkable trek to rediscover what was left behind by the ancient ponies in their rush to flee to a new homeland. When the modern ponies return to the homeland of the three tribes, what and who will they find?

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“I enjoy interviewing Minnesota civilian workers and elected officials, who in their own way, are as important to fighting the Solar Tyrant’s invasion as any front-line soldier, sailor, or marine. I enjoy interviewing youthful humans and ponies that are wearing muddy and oil stained work clothes because they have stepped away from their important jobs a few minutes before our interview starts. I enjoy these interviews much more than asking old-timers, sipping tea and eating tapioca pudding in retirement communities, to recall past events that have happened years or decades earlier. I present to you three of my most entertaining, thought-provoking interviews describing how human and pony citizens of St. Louis County, Minnesota are contributing to winning the Conversion War.”
- Preface written during July of 2023 by Field Researcher Paxton Peyton Randolph of the Minnesota Historical Society.

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