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I'm serious dude, it isn't what it looks like!
Applejack just got cupcake'd, and she decides to be a bit overzealous with her revenge.

Spoiler below!
Tags: Rarity, Applejack, Comedy (for AJ), Horror (for Rarity), Random

Update 11/15/15: Wow, this much popularity already? First decent amount of positive comments and views I've ever had! Thank you!

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Shit gets real as stairs collapse, school is cancelled, a deadly virus attacks and nuclear war begins. Two ponies that are best of friends try to pull through this, and succeed. However many of their loved things have been destroyed... including Potato Crisp's family.

Chapters (6)

When Luna works at an Oreo factory, she gets some in her mane. Hilarity ensues.

And then it gets her banished to the moon, and it ends up getting Luna grounded.

Chapters (3)

When Rainbow Dash puts a hoof buzzer on Fluttershy's bedroom doorknob, Fluttershy gets a morning of puffy mane.

CANCELLED due to unsuccessful storyline.

Chapters (7)
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