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I became a brony after one of my few friends showed me the show to help me clear the depression of my dad's death.


Guess who's got opposable thumbs and is back? I dunno either, but I think I'm talking about myself. · 9:37am Jun 27th, 2013

*cracks knuckles*

It's been a while...but I'm on summer break now. I've gotten my life back together and I'm ready for a fresh start.

To all the people who've been suddenly left without one of their editors, I'm sorry.

To all you crazy bastards who read my stories and thought I'd been dropped off a cliff or something when I disappeared, I really don't know what's going on in your heads, but you've got the write (HA IT'S A PUN) idea.

But yeah, I'm back and better than ever.

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A Message from the Lost Author. · 8:31pm Mar 19th, 2013

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EEurgh · 9:47pm Jan 6th, 2013

School and life in general have stopped all progress on story writing for the next...rest of my life, probably. I'm soory. But I guess this is goodbye.

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I'm back, and...holy shit... · 8:03pm Nov 21st, 2012

549 chapters to read...holy shit...

464 notifications...

one month to read it all...

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Important announcement. · 8:56pm Nov 3rd, 2012

So, I am on academic probation from the internet, video games, TV (not that I watch any), etc for the next month because I got a 88 on a test (90's an A). No, I j=know that this is complete bullshit, but I have to follow the rules, so I won't be available. Sorry.

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Shitstorm's A Brewin' · 5:35pm Oct 27th, 2012

So, as many of you may know, Hurricane Sandy is going to hit the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Which is where I am. Also known, is that it's going to collide with a big-ass nor'easter and have a massive Perfect Storm baby. Now, I have a major fear of storms and will probably be catatonic most of the time, which will mean that no work will be done. Most likely, I'm going to lose power for a few days, which will mean that I can't play any games on my desktop. I just want y'all to know, because I

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BACK IN BUSINESS! · 11:53pm Oct 12th, 2012

I wrote an essay explaining why editing was helping me improve my grammar and such, and the higher-up let me edit again!

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Bad news. · 11:08pm Oct 7th, 2012

Recently, I was instructed by the higher powers to quit my work as an editor for safety reasons. Although I pressed many points of how it was a good job for me to be doing, I was not victorious. I'm very sorry to all who are concerned, it was great fun working with all of you, but I have a code of ethics involving following the demands of my elders. I'm still going to keep trying to get them to change their minds on this topic, but until then, this is it.

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What have I been saying all along? · 10:26pm Oct 2nd, 2012


I got to go to NASA! · 9:57pm Sep 22nd, 2012

So, today I went to a NASA open house at Langley AFB. I was awesome. And creepily, a fucking lot like Aperture. They have an entire site dedicated to smashing things, and it has a video voice-over that sounds like the Aperture one. One thing that it said was, "Testing is the key to success!"

My friends and I ran away from that site almost instantly. We than coined the term "Naperture"

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