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I'm a writer looking to make a living in literature, a lifelong dream. Please support me however you can, every little bit helps.

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Still Alive!!! · 12:00pm May 13th, 2018

Mastering Twilight has been a bit harder to get done than expected, so for the time being I'm putting the story on hiatus. Instead I'm going to be putting my energy towards Playground Bicycle, and a couple other stories I've been bouncing around inside my head for a while now. I even have the basis for a Fallout Equestria story I've wanted to make for some time now.

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Oh wow. :rainbowlaugh: You my friend remind me of Bulk Biceps... Much Beef, but also much Ham. :pinkiehappy: *badum-tsh!*

Good news y'all!:ajsmug: I'm still alive!

Better news is my Birthday is coming up! I'll be 24 come the 22nd of this month!

Last night I saw The Greatest Showman, and it gave me an epiphany... A simple truth that I'd all but forgotten about entertainers. We live to reshape realities through our mediums, and pull those we present them to out of their own reality for precious short whiles. We give them something to live for, something to love, something they'll want to come back to for more. That is the sort of creator I want to be.

So with that in mind I hope my projects from here out bring joy to all.

Ah okay, well sadly I already have a writing partner for it, but suggestions and feedback are welcome.

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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