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night cant exist without day and day cant exist without night but for those who dont see this, it is our job to share the beauty either one or the other to them.

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Natures pushed into a corner and soon to lose its balance, the one who loves the enemy finally decides to stop the enemy before it's too late.  As so, a hero is summoned to become the new Gaia of the world that lacks one…

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One day, while on a errand for Twilight, Spike finds a glove and gun that when active give him electric powers! Join Spike as he beats up enemies, runs ponyvile (with help of course) and helps those in need. All done at the speed of lightning!

This is a partial cross over with The Azure striker Gunvolt.

Has a few concepts from the webcomic: THE GAMER
Website where you can find the webcomic The Gamer:
-MangaPark: http://mangapark.me/manga/the-gamer-sung-san-young
-The original website where the comic can be found is in a different language. I recommend going to either the link for MangaPark or get the app Webtoon.

Thanks to Azure Drache for the all the help in this chapter as well as the edit ideas on my other story.
All my little pony caac cters owned by Hasbro.

Story may include mild gore and will(sometimes) mention death.

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