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Hey the name's fallout nice to meet ya feel free to pm me anytime

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Fallout gets tricked into going to a slumber party by his marefriend Pinkie pie and is forced to spend the night with his five friends and pinkie, this story is what happened before, during and after the slumber party

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( warning there is some cursing in some of the chapters)

Update: Added the alternate universe tag because I mentioned videogames in Equestira witch means there's also tv's as well

You ever get sick on a day you really don't want to be sick....well that happened to me getting sick the first time I see snow. This is something I thought would never happen but, luckily I got friends who insist on taking care of me best part is there all girls so it shouldn't be that bad....I hope

There might be more chapters if you all like it obviously it won't be about me being sick just random short stories I can come up with

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