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Hey the name's fallout nice to meet ya feel free to pm me anytime

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Info on my oc Fallout Shieldhunter

Name:Fallout Shieldhunter
Race: Pegasus
Sex: stallion/male
Coat color: white
Hair and tail color:Dark brown with a yellow stripe
Eye color: Brown
Cutie mark: Three crosshairs
Job:Hunter and bodyguard for princess Twilight sparkle
Place of birth:San Fillycisco
Currently living in:ponyville
Weapons: Two crossbows a small hoof mounted and one lage one he can pull out at anytime like pinkie can her party cannon. The ammunition for the crossbows vary from standard to special ( Flash bang, exploding ect.)....oh and punching he's not afraid to go hoof to hoof.

Personality:nice,friendly,loyal,jokester,isn't afraid to speak his mind,trustworthy,honest overprotective, Immature at times,and loves to laugh and helpful

Family: little sister scootaloo

In a relationship with: Pinkie pie

Quick back story: Fallout was born and raised in San Fillycisco he grew up with his little sister Scootaloo, there parents were heavy drinkers that didn't care about what they did or if they even ate. Luckily the kind neighbors inside the apparent complex fed,clothed and took them to school until Fallout was old enough to get his own job and take care of Scootaloo and himself, so after a little thinking and the bits he saved he saved from random jobs decided to move to ponyville. Scootaloo after finding out begged him to let her come with him Fallout quickly agrees mainly because there parents aren't the best ponys and Fallout is very protective of his sister and wanted better, So they left and never looked back. After arriving in Ponyville he became good friends with the ponies in the town and he and Scootaloo lived a happy life things only got better when Twilight became a Princess and she offered Fallout a job he couldn't refuse

Background information:Fallout is a bigger than normal ( he's a head taller then Big mac.) ponie but is a good guy he's friendly, loyal ,funny and Immature at times he's a pony you can trust witch is why Twilight has hired him to find rare and important stuff that she needs finding Fallout is in a relationship with pinkie pie . Fallout wears a geen or sometimes black trench coat to not only look intimidating but to hide his one of a kind hoof mounted crossbow designed by the Griffins and minotaurs. Fallout also doesn't like talking about his past especially if it involves his parents he believes they don't deserve to be talked about after what they have done to him and his sister.

Additional information:fallout also has a pet a alpha male timberwolf by the name Elliott (blood moon) Elliott has white wood with glowing red eye's instead of brown wood and glowing green eye's he's also bigger than normal timberwolfs and is the reason fallout has a scar and a half bitten ear on the right side of his head

Fallouts list of friends: page Turner,feather quill,Sharp quill,melody quill,twilight sparkle,applejack,rainbow dash,rarity,fluttershy,pinkie ( and many more)


She’s to big! · 6:31pm Yesterday

No no no! I do not approve of this!

your very cute when you act like this

Stop it!


How did you even get here

magic my little human

Your not my waifu!

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