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Wisteria: Gamer, Writer, Actor, Anti-Social NEET; finds herself in a strange world after her favorite VRMMORPG game—Valkyrie Quest—finally closed its servers after a long, wondrous life. In the last moments of the game, she, and millions of others stayed in the game until the last second in a heartwrenching vigil as a final farewell to their second home. When the final second passed, and her tear-filled vision went black; she did not wake up in her apartment. Instead, she found herself in a different world with all the powers she obtained in the game.

Now stranded on an unfamiliar world, Wisteria; The Goddess of Twilight, The Astral Librarian, Goddess of Magic, Slayer of the Ancient Gods, God Slayer, The Goddess of Demons, World Destroyer, Realm Vanquisher, and thousands of other titles; must deal with the annoyingly weak people of Equestria while enjoying her new life as the very woman she always wanted to be.

My first featured story! Yay:yay:

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