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Celestial Nyx Nova

I am a brony, just looking to bring joy to others by making stories.


Story Updates · 3:28pm October 16th

Hey guys, this is just a post letting you guys know what order of my stories I would be updating after I got a comment from one of my stories. From the order that I have done my stories so far, I find it fair to do the stories that were put on the back burner, or not as updated frequently.

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Check In · 6:15pm July 26th

Hey, guys, it’s me. Just checking in. I’m in Texas right now going through my AIT and learning my MOS, or military job in simpler terms. My job is 12Kilo, or plumber, so that’s something that should be fun to learn how to do. I graduate September 1st and I should be going right back home during that first week and then I can get back to writing my stories. Miss and love you guys, hope you stay safe and enjoy what you can during this time of uncertainty.

Until next time, friends.

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Last Minute · 1:46am April 22nd

Hey, guys, it's me. This is literally last minute, but I just wanted you guys who are actually tracking and reading and stories and are interested, first off; thank you for every favorite, comment, well everything. This is not a goodbye, just a hiatus. . .

For about 4 months. Reason being?

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The Revival · 9:08pm Nov 6th, 2018

If any of you guys know the slightest thing about me, it would be that I had a story on here first called A Change Of Pace, which was horrible, to be honest.

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