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Odd Windows Discovery · 10:45pm Jul 24th, 2017

Did you know that Windows doesn't always run the program you tell it to run? You can double-click on an executable and some other executable might be run instead.

I've learned recently that Microsoft intends to discontinue MSPaint for some inexplicable reason. It doesn't require any maintenance to keep; they could easily have abandoned all future development and left it as a relic amongst all the other relics cluttering up the code base. It would've gone on working for many years to come.

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On the Banning of Other Users · 6:00am Aug 24th, 2015

Is there a certain someone on this site who you simply have no desire to communicate with? Have you banned them already from your own account and stories but wish a way to have them extirpated from other stories and threads as well? Good new, then, for such a way exists!

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