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New story · 3:57am Sep 25th, 2015

I'm working on a new story! Of course I'm not gonna stop War of Love though! I just felt like i needed something else. Ill be posting it in a few days though, im gonna try to make these chapters very long. Its gonna be fluttercord of course, but this is gonna be a sad story. It ll be about amnesia so yeah. I hope you guys like the new story. I'm going to try to work on it so i can post on Monday. School is getting pretty hard and i'm going to a lot of parties on Friday and Saturday. But ill for

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Hi! · 5:15pm Feb 28th, 2015

Well hello people, or should I say ponies?

I'm kinda new here and I only really write at midnight because that's when my brain mostly thinks...:ajbemused:
But my stories might suck :fluttershysad:
Or my stories are good:twilightsheepish:

So please no hate on any story I do, even if it's really bad! (I'll probably notice that before someone else does!):raritywink:

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