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Still Alive · 9:57pm Jul 14th, 2012

Still alive, if anyone wants to know. Been very busy with work and personal stuff. Every time i go to continue doing these things, my schedule blows it away by a few weeks. I am trying so hard, but between work, my insomnia and other depressing personal problems, I am finding it very hard to make time. The commission i have been doing is just taking too long, and its annoying me that i should have had it finished over a month ago. I hate summer in a way, really pushes me to the limits both

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I was looking through my favorites and realized that you've been gone for ages. I had almost forgotten about The Final Crusade. I remembered it the other day and it inspired some epic writing for me. I came back to see it and found that its an unfinished painting waiting on its artist to return. I understand work can get in the way, but I'm dying to know what happens next! I hope you get time to add another chapter and I'll be keeping my eye on the story :pinkiehappy:

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